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Superharp Corporation offers many years combined experience in metal finishing which extends to electroplating and electrophoretic processes, process chemistry,  plant design & commissioning and total Customer Support. 

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SUPERHARP D is a low temperature cure cathodic electrophoretic process for depositing a clear or integral dye coating on solid brass, zinc based die castings and most electroplated substrates to protect them from oxidation and to enhance wear resistance.


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  • SUPERHARP D is easy to use and can be operator controlled using simple process control procedures.


Low temperature cure  120-140 C

Easy to control


Enhanced wear resistance

Non yellowing on silver

Low running costs

Integral or post dye options


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  • Advantages


    Excellent corrosion protection

    Uniform coverage of complex parts

    Good control of coating thickness

    Very good edge coverage

    Can be used to complement other finishing processes


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    • Environmental Benefits


    No HAPs

    Low VOC

    No heavy metals

    Minimal effluent considerations

    Low hazards for workers

    One of the best techiniques available


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    • Cost Benefits


    Low unit cost compared with electroplating.

    High material efficiencies (85-95%).

    Easy-control film thickness

    Can be easily automated

    Good throwing power

    High racking densities


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